Life Skills
Our Private Puppy Life Skills with in-campus socialisation option is the signature programme and the gold standard of puppy socialisation in the industry. It is suitable for puppies 2- 6 months of age.
6 private sessions (one hour per session)
6-one hour lesson, in-home central – S$ 1450
6-one hour, in campus lesson – S$ 1130
3-one hour, in home central + 3-one hour, in campus – S$ 1280
Additional $50/visit travel charges apply for outside central location
Up to 6 month old
Newton Campus – 182 Bukit Timah Road
Namly Campus – 78 Namly Place
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The programme allows dog owner and puppy to get one-to-one attention from the teacher while having the option to socialise with other known friendly and well-behaved puppies.
Unlike group class, this programme allows puppies to be matched with puppies and/or trained dogs with similar play-style, size and temperament. This is great for all puppies and especially important for shy and fearful pup who may be overwhelmed by a group setting.

Puppy Start Right is a 6 one-hour in-home training programme for healthy puppies between 2- 6 months of age. You will learn the importance of positive and safe socialisation for puppies; providing a solid foundation for your new puppy and helps to prevent potential behaviour issues including fear and reactivity or aggression. We use new, innovative and positive reward-based training and clicker.

Who will benefit from Puppy Start Right Preschool?
Families who would like to have individual one-to-one
attention for their puppies
Dog owner with shy puppies that will need individual attention and will do better in a home environment
Dog owner with very active or challenging puppies
that will need extra attention and less distraction in
their learning environment
Families with young children who need
the full attention of the teacher
What will you learn?
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Understanding your puppies
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Puppy socialisation
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Basic skills
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Prevention topics
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Wait for good things
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Love handling
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