Online Teenage Life Skills
All of us are going through a challenging and unprecedented situation with COVID-19 measure. Despite the situations, our pups are still going through the challenging adolescence phase. Therefore, we need to prepare our teenage dog with the right skill-set to become a well-adjusted member of the family and the community.
6 weeks (2 x 30 min group class + 30 min private lesson per week)
have completed Little Paws or Puppy Life Skills
Lesson plan and lesson notes will be provided

5 months – adult dogs
Online – group class with private lesson element
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  • Learning from home means your dog will be in his normal home environment which will allow your pup to focus more
  • Intensive training that will make the most out of your dog’s critical formative months
  • Online live demonstration and instruction
  • Lessons will be tailored to your dog’s training needs
  • Video recording of real life application allows a better understanding
  • Dog owner to send video to instructor to review training application in real life

During teenage phase, which can happen anytime between 5 months old – 3 years old, your dog brain is till maturing and their behaviour is still changing. Your dog may appear to have selective hearing and becomes a little pushy when they want something. You may see them starting to, jump, bark more and pulling on the lead more during walk. They may also suddenly become afraid of existing or new situations, including human and other dog. This is usually the most challenging time for both dog and dog owners.

It is important to continue training and socialisation for adolescent dogs to minimise behaviour problems associated with teenage phase.

Who will benefit from this class ?
  • Healthy puppies 5 months – adult
  • Dogs with no training background and some basic skills
  • Puppies that has no moderate or severe behaviour problem
  • Dog owner who need guidance on re-socialisation for teenage dog
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