Urban Puppy
Online Puppy Life Skills

All of us are going through a challenging and unprecedented situation with the “Circuit Breaker” in place. Despite the situations, we still need to prepare our puppy with the right skill-set to become a well mannered member of the family and well-adjusted member of the community.

S$810 for
8 lessons (45 min each)
This puppy private lessonwill focus on guidance on socialising your pup during circuit breaker, impulse control, being happy when alone, preventing mouthing & jumping up, enjoying vet visit & grooming and toilet-training.


– Learning from home means your puppy will be in his normal home environment which will allow your pup to focus more
– Intensive training that will make the most out of your pup’s critical formative months
– Online live demonstration and instruction
– Lessons will be tailored to your puppy’s training needs

Who will benefit from this class ?
Healthy Puppies 2-8 months old
Puppies that has no moderate-serious behaviour problem
Puppies with no training background or has some basic skills
Dog owner who needs guidance on early socialisation
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