Online + in-campus
Puppy Life Skills

This is a combination of 4 online + 2 in-campus private lesson. The online class is designed to allow the whole family to join the training safelyand the in-campus class is to allow socialisation with other puppies during social-distancing period.

S$ 890 for 6 lessons (one hour each).
4 Online + 2 in-campus
Private lessons

Online private lessons: Mon & Wed (11am – 7pm), and Fri (4-6pm)
In-campus lessons: Tue, Thu and Fri (10.30am – 3pm)

Our private lessons with puppy socialisation options allow safe puppy socialisation during social-distancing period

All of us are going through a challenging and unprecedented situation with the “Circuit Breaker” in place. Despite the situations, we still need to prepare our puppy with the right skill-set to become a well mannered member of the family and well-adjusted member of the community.

This Online + In-campus Combo will focus on socialising your pup during circuit breaker, impulse control, being happy when alone, preventing mouthing & jumping up, enjoying vet visit & grooming and toilet-training.


– In-campus lessons allow safe puppy socialisation with other trained puppies
– Online learning at home means your whole family can join the training safely
– Online learning from home means your puppy will be in his normal home environment which will allow your pup to focus more
– Real-time hands on instruction and demonstration
– Homework and to-do list will be provided after each session

Who can attend Online Little Paws?
Healthy Puppies 2-8 months old with at least two DHPP vaccination
Puppies that has no moderate-serious behaviour problem
Puppies with no training background or has some basic skills
We follow the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s recommendations regarding socializing and training puppies as it relates to their vaccine schedule.
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