Teenage Life Skills
A lot of teenage dogs suddenly stop listening and starting to develop unwanted behaviours. Our Urban Manners is designed to tackle problems that usually happen during their teenage phase and help your dog become a well-mannered, happy and confident family dog using positive and fun methods.
6 one-to-one lessons (one hour per session).
6-one hour lesson, in-home central – S$ 1450
6-one hour, in campus lesson – S$ 1130
3-one hour, in home central + 3-one hour, in campus – S$ 1280
Additional travel charges apply for outside central location
Adolescent dogs or adult dogs
In campus, at your place or at an outdoor location (if vaccination is completed)
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The Teenage Life Skills is a 6-week programme where you and your dog will build a solid foundation of social and real-life skills, within the home environment and during walks around the neighbourhood.
This dog training programme is suitable for teenage dogs who has not had any training before or have attended Puppy Start Right Preschool or Puppy Life Skills and would like to continue to learn to maintain and improve good behaviours through the adolescent or teenage phase.
What will you learn?
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Understanding your adolescent dog
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Basic training with distraction
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Real-life skills with distraction
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Prevention topics
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Wait for good things
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