What They Say

Jacqueline and Dylan, who used to be fearful and reactive

My dog, Dylan, and I have been clients of Kristina Dieta Setiabudi since January 2014. During this time, I have found Kristina to be an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated trainer who has done some very impressive work with Dylan.


Before we started working with Kristina, Dylan was a really scared and reactive dog who barked at both people and other dogs, and would not come when called. After FIVE lessons with her, Dylan is now better able to resist his impulses and has started to voluntarily sit and watch dogs and people go by when he goes for his walks (instead of barking and lunging at them). He can now remain calm and listen to my commands when he starts to feel excited or scared, and allows himself to be distracted from normally fearful situations (like strangers walking into the house). He has also gone from running away as far away as possible from my one year old daughter to giving her a little kiss in the morning when he sees her – he even lets her sneak a little pet or tug in from time to time. But what blows me away the most is that my stubborn little Dylan, who almost always refuses to do anything he does not want to do, finally comes (when) called!


As a trained clinical psychologist, it is clear to me what makes Kristina such a wonderful trainer: she uses evidence-based behavioral methods that emphasize step-by-step behavioral modification, positive reinforcement, rapport-building, and respect. She is able to read Dylan’s behavior and motivate him to behave in more adaptive ways, while also respecting Dylan’s need to take breaks in between training sessions or stopping before he has had enough for the day. She develops structured lesson plans and comes to each lesson prepared to carry them out, then follows up every lesson with an evaluation of Dylan’s progress and homework assignments for maintaining the progress. Most importantly, Dylan really loves having her as a trainer and, despite generally being shy and slow to warm to others, is always eager to hang out with his special friend. I am almost sad that Dylan is doing so well because it means we will not get to see Kristina as part of our regular routine soon!



Juno the happy Goldie pup

"Hello, my name is Juno and I'm a 5 month old golden retriever.

Moira and Jack first took me to Puppy Colours Academy when I was two months' old and I was quite nervous. Being so young, the only other puppies I had met were my siblings. I wasn't yet fully vaccinated and couldn't go play outdoors, but it was safe for me to go to puppy class. 

There were three other puppies at the class: Cola, Muffin and Penny. Because I had never made friends before I was very scared and shy. However, with encouragement and support from our teacher Kristina we soon began to play together and became the best of friends. Now, I find it easy to make new friends with other dogs at the park or on walkies. Kristina also taught me how to do some really cool things like sit, lie down, leave it and loads of other stuff. At the end of the course Kristina gave me a certificate, she is such a lovely teacher and made everything so much fun. 

When Moira and Jack had to go away for a while, they let me go round and stay at Kristina's place and sleep over. It was so much fun! I got to play with new friends, learn more cool stuff and eat treats. It's always so enjoyable with Kristina and I feel very safe with her. She took a lot of photos of me to send to Moira & Jack so that they knew I was happy, having a good time and in good hands while they were overseas. She loves me very much and I love her too. I cannot wait for my next visit to Puppy Colours Academy!"

Juno on behalf of Moira and Jack

Hilary and Millie, the Labrador puppy

My husband and I recently got a puppy (Millie) and before she arrived, asked some friends for a recommendation of a good puppy trainer in Singapore. They immediately recommended Kristina and gave her a glowing reference saying she had worked wonders with their dog as it had been a very scared and agitated puppy when they got her. We have now been working with Kristina for around two months and have been very impressed with her skills and knowledge of dogs. She has been a huge help to us in terms of understanding Millie's behaviours and demeanour together with giving us tips on what we should do to change and influence her behaviours. She has also been fantastic at training Millie on all basic commands and Millie has responded very well to Kristina's very calm nature and positive approach. Millie completely adores her too which also helps!


Kristina is also very thorough in her approach to training Millie and recaps each lesson we do in writing and gives us handouts to refresh our memories of all the things she teaches. She has also been very concerned not only for MIllie's training but also for her general wellbeing which has been greatly appreciated.


Muffin who was a scaredy pup

Enrolling our Toy Poodle, Muffin, into the Puppy Life & Social Skills Group Class was a great decision! 

Kristina taught us how to read Muffin's behaviour and body language. In addition, she helped us with Muffin's fear issues, which enabled us to prevent future behavioural problems. Kristina was also very responsiveoutside of the classroom, giving us advice whenever we faced a situation we were unsure of. 

Muffin enjoyed class so much, that we've enrolled him into the Beginner - Family Dog course as well. Thanks Kristina! :)